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Ms Maria Silva retires from RMS at the end of this academic year after 35 years of dedicated service.Here are some answers she gave to the questions asked by our eagle eared reporters.

Q What is your happiest memory of RMS?
A: I have always felt happy when children are able to give correct answers to my questions.

Q What is your advice to our students?
A: To take interest in all subjects especially in maths which is the easiest.

Q Besides teaching maths,which subjects do you like to teach?
A:I like to teach physics also.

Q Which is the best batch you have ever taught?
A:All batches were special in their own way.The ones I found easiest to teach were those who worked very hard and cooperated with the teachers.Those who learned to do maths the way I taught them.

Q What would you do if you were the principal?
A: I wouldn’t like to be the principal..!

We thank Ms Maria for all that she has been to Regina Mundi School and wish her all the best for all that lies ahead.