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Interview with the winning Quiz Team

New RMS reporter Lubna Mendonca managed to track down the winning quiz team members and quizzed them with a few more questions.

Lubna: How do you feel about winning the title ?
Sara: We weren’t winning till the rapid fire round.When they announced the score I realized we had won 
(beaming).It was a pleasant surprise.I think we had prepared really hard so we were really happy to win.We are happy to raise the name of our school.
Lubna: Indeed.How did you as a team go about preparing for the quiz event? Which books did you refer to?
Sara: We divided the topics.However we weren’t completely unaware of each others topics.We did not go to the library but depended more on the internet for the latest news.
Lubna :Can you tell me one interesting question that you were asked?
Sara:Hmm.What country is known as the “sugar bowl of the world”
Lubna :Answer please
Sara :Cuba
(Rajnish,who was a strong silent spectator at this interview so far,chipped in with his answer to that last question)
Rajnish: We were asked to identify Swami Vivekanandas voice. We thought it was Martin Luther King!
Lubna: Now I have learned something
Lubna (To Rajnish) How did it feel winning the quiz?
Rajnish : Felt really good as it was a pretty challenging quiz and we won it because of teamwork.
Lubna :Thank you for your time Sara and Rajnish
(Article sent in by RMS Reporter Lubna Mendona)