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More farewells

The academic year 2009 – 2010 has brought with it an extraordinary number of farewells to Regina Mundi School.Two more familiar faces  bid goodbye to RMS  – Sir Parab and Ms Sylvia


How many years have you worked in school?
Sir: 24 years

How do you feel about RMS ?

Sir: RMS is like a family to me,always loving and caring.

Why are you leaving RMS?

Sir: To pave the way for youngsters.

What will you miss the most?

Sir: The brothers,the staff and especially the students .

What advice do you have for us?

Sir: Study hard and good wishes to the outgoing 10th standard and to all other classes.

Last words?

Sir: I will always be there for RMS.


I worked in the school for almost 26 years ,5 of which were as a primary teacher.When the post of librarian fell vacant I applied for it.

The post suited me as I am fond of reading,When I was small my father bought me lots of books to read.I am lucky to have worked in a school which has such a large library.It is really two jobs that I do,one as librarian and the other as the LDC.A few years ago I was lucky also to have a computer to use in the library itself.The school has given me opportunities to work on some other things that I really like.

It has given me satisfaction when I see some students reading as much as they can in the library.The interest in reading is not there in some and especially noticeable in the students who do not do well in studies.I wish there were more parents and teachers who would encourage children to read more.




Words fail to adequately express the feelings of the heart as we say goodbye to two more of our long serving teachers.We thank both Sir Parab and Ms Sylvia for everything and wish them a happy and peaceful retirement.

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