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RMS Filmit Club make their First Movie of the Year

The Regina Mundi Filmit Club make movies that are displayed on the Open Futures Website.This website features short movies made by students from school all over the world.
If you want to this movie and other movies made by RMS Filmit Club students on the Open Futures Website – you will have to use the following to access the films.
Password :jun599
Scroll down to see the first movie made in this academic year….
Its called “The Story of the Statue”

An Open Futures filmit film.

(The movie is not playing properly on our website so you will have to see it on the Filmit Website till the problem is sorted out.Inconvenience regretted)

There are 64 films made by RMS students on the Filmit Website.If you haven’t seen them all go see them now.
What are you waiting for ????
(Apart from our own school there are about a million movies made by students from different schools all over the world)
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