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Joffre Paes Inter-class Football Tournament

Finally!! After 2 years of almost no physical activity, headed our way was the inter-class football competition. Most of the boys and several girls were extremely excited and eager about this event. The teachers could sense the anticipation and excitement in their classrooms.

The grouping for the competition was in the following order:

Junior school: 5-6 A/B

Middle school: 7-8 A/B

Senior school: 9-10 A/B

In some classes, it was seen that some girls did not want to take part. So to encourage the girls to participate the organisers set a pre-condition that the boys can form a team only if the girls formed their team. This strategy worked as the boys convinced the girls to participate.

Following the day of the announcement of the competition, we could see girls and boys during the recess and P.E periods trying to brush up on their skills that were lost over the last couple of years.

The tournament began on the 5th of August 2022. The field looked colourful with the footballers from respective classes lined up in their jerseys. Some of the teams were so enthusiastic that they wore custom-designed jerseys for the event, while others dressed in a common colour. The classmates of the respective teams surrounded the football field to cheer for their class. Tension and cheers spread as soon as the players missed chances or scored a goal. At the end of a match, you could see the excellent sportsmanship, as the teams complimented each other on a game well-played. Regardless of whether they won or lost there was no bad blood seen between the classes or the students and words of encouragement were given to those who lost the first round. This high-energy event continued for 5 days straight with plenty of cheers and jeers. Football as a sport demands teamwork and coordination a virtue that will be helpful once we are out of school. 3 Cheers to the winning teams!

The winners of the Joffre Cup 2022 are as follows:


Junior: 6B

Middle: 8B

Senior: 9A


Junior: 6B

Middle: 8A

Senior: 10B