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Elocution 2019

We at Regina Mundi have various competitions throughout the year and the first one in the year is the inter class elocution competition- which usually takes place sometime in July. The competition took place as usual and the results were declared on the 29th of July.You could feel the tension in the air that day as we waited for the declaration of the results.

The competition was held  in the secondary section and had three subdivisions – junior,middle and senior. Two students from each class participated in solo recitation and the whole class presented a choral piece. We got to listen to a whole lot of poems ranging from funny to sad.

All classes participated eagerly and displayed their skills in expression,voice modulation and diction.

We also got to witness some amazing solo performances.

And so on the 29th of July,amid excited whispers,the results were finally announced.

We all learned something from the experience and look forward to bettering ourselves next year.

( RMS reporter: Lubna Mendonca)

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