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Film Making at Edmund Rice Week 2018

Film making was one of the new competitions during the Edmund Rice Week Celebrations this year.
Here’s a look at the movie that won first place in the Junior Category.

And here’s a short write up on the Edmund Rice Week events from Lubna Mendonca
The Edmund Rice Week this year was great.We had a lot of new competitions this year like film making,kirigami,paper bag making apart from the usual Spelling Bee,Quiz,dance,music and singing competitions.
Preparing for the events was really fun too.Teams would practice in free periods and even wait back after school .
Even though every now and then we would have lots of disagreements in our teams, in the end it would all come together.
It was lovely to see so many different shades of talent for the competitions and we would eagerly wait for the prizes to be declared at the assembly.

And Br Arthur has sent in some photographs of some of the wonderful art and craftwork that he has helped the RMS students to create.