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Teacher’s Day 2018

A writeup on Teacher’s Day sent in by Rajnish Kumar of Class 10B

The teachers day program started with a prayer service and the lighting of the lamp.Then there was a PPT explaining the significance of teachers day.The cultural program began with a dance from Cheruba and Sera of class 5 and this was followed by Rena Dsouza singing Heal the World.The two bands of RMS headed by Joywin and Joshua then came on and rocked the stage.The students of 7,9 and 10 put up a group dance for the teachers and then there was there was a humourous skit by the students of class 10.The program came to an end with another PPT prepared by Rajnish,Nathan,Samuel and Ian.The PPT highlighted the qualitites that made each of the teachers of RMS very special.

All students except class 10 were then sent home.The “Beatles” of RMS headed by Gustavo and Ashford entertained everyone with many many songs.The teachers danced to the music and many spot prizes were also given out.All in all Teacher’s Day 2018 was a lot of fun.