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Memories of Sir Vijay Kumar

I am shocked to hear this. It has not been even 2 weeks while Ms Silva passed away and now Mr. Vijay Kumar. I can’t imagine a more desolated time over Regina Mundi School then now and neither can I imagine a more organized and passionate physical trainer then Mr. Vijay Kumar. Besides an excellent school teacher, he was a close family friend, ready to help whenever you needed. He and his family has helped me in numerous occassions and I am really unhappy for not being there in this time of grief. Without his help, I wouldn’t be where I am now and I am thankful for all his gratitude. May his soul rest in peace and may God give his family strength and courage to continue ahead.
Deep Halwai

It really seems shocking. I had opened the comment box to post a comment on Ms. Maria teacher’s unfortunate passing away. So overwhelmed was I with emotion, I chose to close it without commenting. Now Vijay Sir passing away within a week. These two are part of my earliest memories of the world – a student joining school. I don’t know, words cannot express the emotions. Vijay Sir was a silent teacher, not the the most eloquent of teachers. But with each passing day I am becoming aware of the values, teachers like him stand for. Goodbye dear teacher. Pray that we prove worthy students of you.
Vinoy Scaria James

My Name is Michael Carvalho & I am an extudent of Regina Mundi School. I Passed out in the year 1982. Before I go further my heart felt sympathies to Mrs. Maria Slivas family & Mr. Vijay Kumar ‘ s family. I was informed by my mum about the sad demise of Mrs. Sliva , I was really sad for her, I never studied , but got through my Maths all because of her pain staking efforts to impart math training to all her students, I remember he like yesterday , a wonder ful person. I am sure the long list of exstudents for more than 3 decades will be sad to know that dear Mrs. Sliva is no more. I am depressed to know that our beloved Mr.Vijay Kumar is no more, I will never forget him, such a wonderful man & a great PT sir, he knew my mum being a teacher knew him well too , I am sure she will be sad to know about his demise. Cannot forget those camps in december , Chandor , Belgaum, those were the days. Yes being strict he was very helpful too.
Michael Carvalho

Another sad day for all of us ex and present RMS family. What a nice man he was. Stern but had a heart of Gold. Always remembered for his fond jokes he used to crack on our birthdays. You better not tell him it was your birthday. The chocolates had to flow. Mr. Vijay Kumar, you will be fondly remembered for being one of the best. Rest in Peace Dear Sir!!!!
Elroy Fernandes

It is with deep regret that I hear all this news. I remember Sir Vijay Kumar when he joined as a young PT teacher. It is difficult to imagine that he has now passed away.
I too remember the scout camps that he took us to. It was awesome watching him dive off the rocks into the river in Collem.
He was very strict when he started with us but finally we were all more like brothers.
Rest in peace!
George Almeida

Tragedies happening too soon, thats all I can say when describing the sudden Deaths occuring, with Mrs Maria Silva and Sir Vijay Kumar.

A brilliant science teacher, Mrs Silva. I remember school days how she used to put Brian, the mad scientist, from our batch in his place caused Brian thought he would be the next Einstien.Vijaykumar sir, am sure I was his favorite. thats why all you guys sweated it out in the heat, while i banged the marching drums in the shade. :D . He was a family friend, and we used to go to the same Church as well.Rest in Peace. You both will always be in greatful in all the students who have passed thru your watchfull eyes.
Heaven is what you deserve!
Kirti Bunyan

I am sorry to hear about Mr. Vijay Kumar’s and Ms Silva’s death. We are still in shock, we have lost a nice person, an excellent PT sir, I still remember the Heart Attack he had when I was in school a day before “Sports Day” and to our shock he was there on the day playing that drum for the march past an amazing person very much dedicated to work.You and your family will always be in our prayers.RIP.

It’s sad to hear about our teachers Ms Maria Silva and Sir Vijay Kumar. May their souls rest in peace.
Agnelo Fernandes