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Ms Elma Retires

Ms Elma  Caeiro became the latest of the old faithful teachers of RMS to come to the end of her many dedicated years of service to the school and to the children in her care.Here are some of the things she said to us before leaving..

How many years have you been in school?

I have completed 35 years. I joined in 1974 and in the 35 years I have seen a lot of improvement in the school.

Which were your happiest moments?

When I played tricks on all my principals.

Which were your saddest moments?

Leaving school.

What advice do you want to give to the student of Regina Mundi School?

Take corrections well from anybody and this really helps in life and children should always be playful and hardworking.

The school said thank you and farewell to Ms Elma on the last day of school before we closed for the Christmas break in December.And we wish her all the best and a very happy and peaceful retireme