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RMS Portuguese Students shine at Loyola

The Portuguese students from classes 8, 9 and 10 along with the Portuguese students of classes 11 and 12 of MES Higher Secondary School under the marvellous guidance and support of our common Portuguese ‘Professora’, Mrs. Filomena Dourado, stole the show at the annual Festival de arte e cultura Lusofona organised by Loyola High School.
The event,for which the students had been preparing for about a month,proved to be successful. There were three events for the students of secondary school: A traditional dance of any Lusophone country,a T-shirt painting competition on the Lusophone theme for the students of classes 9 and 10 and a doodle art competition for the students of class 8. In the T-shirt painting competition, Ana Smriti and Shanice from class 10 won the first place for a painting depicting the famous Portuguese sailboat with a Portuguese guitar and the famous galo de barcelo. In the dance competition, Leona (class 10), Adora (class 10), Nathan (class 9), Duane (class 8) and Mel (class 8) won silver for a wonderfully choreographed Mozambican dance. Minoshca and Giselle from class 8 took part in the doodle art competition and presented a lovely piece of art.
The MES students won the first place for both the events in the Higher secondary category: A skit and A wealth out of waste jewellery making competition.
Together, the two institutions won the overall trophy for the best performance. In my opinion, the trophy was deserved by our teacher Mrs. Filomena for her incredible efforts in organising and coordinating the practices.

Write up contributed by Ana Paes.Photography by Varun