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Teacher’s Day 2017

The students and staff of Regina Mundi School celebrated, as they do every year, teacher’s day with much pomp on the 5th of September. This year though, there was something new, something never seen before in the 46 years of the existence of Regina Mundi. This year the 10th standard students played teachers for a day. Now, After each class had finished felicitating their own class teacher with cake and party poppers, We were sent in groups of 3-4 students per class and were asked to either teach ssomething or to conduct some activities. Did I mention that we also had to dress like teachers that day?
At around 9:00 all the students gathered in the hall for a programme of song and dance and more. The teachers and non teaching staff were all given little flowers to wear which were made by the students. The programme began with a prayer service conducted by Tr Nettie. Then primary students performed a lovely Hindi song. Vernon and his group performed two songs which were followed by a performance by the famous little tiatrist Infant Joy from class 6. The primary students then performed a dance. The 10th standard students put on a presentation showing our gratitude to the teachers and the non teaching staff for their support through these years. This was followed by a funny skit with a message and two more dances, one jive and two old bollywood. To punctuate the programme were some spot prizes.We found out that Sir Manoj has the longest hair and our female teachers wear pretty long earings!
The day was fun. And once we, the students went home, the teachers had still more fun. No information on that from me, it is a secret!
The day was a success because of the constant running around and organising of the Teacher’s Day Committee, and they deserve a big thanks.
( Ana Paes)

Photographs of Teacher’s Day 2017 in RMS sent in by Ms Renuka and Sir Allan.